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Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips

If smoked meats and glass of bourbon make you weak in the knees then these barrel chips are for you! 

Anyone can throw a brisket on the smoker and enjoy the basic flavor but you are looking for that something extra. A complexity that comes from a great aged bourbon with subtle notes of caramel, vanilla and oak.

Whiskey barrel smoking chips will give your smoked meats a story and a conversation around the barbecue table. A story of more than how long you let the meat stall.  A story of barrel char, oak and how you drink your bourbon.  

Pass around the authentic barrel chips to let others get drunk off the bourbon fumes coming from the devil's cut left behind in the reclaimed 100% American Oak barrels.

Don't be a basic grilling newb. Step your game up and be the most interesting person at the barbeque with a whiskey barrel smoking chips. 

Sold in 1 pound packages.