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Budget Whiskey Bottle Transport Case


Rugged protection for your whiskey glasses and prized bottles. Made from crush-proof high impact polymer with heavy duty handles, push button latches and stainless steel lock hasps for the ultimate in protection.



  • Holds 2 standard size glencairn whiskey glasses which means you can enjoy your whiskey from a proper glass rather than a plastic cup even away from home
  • Holds 2 standard size whiskey or wine bottles which means you can bring plenty of whiskey for enjoyment on your next adventure
  • Custom cut foam which means you precious glasses and sample bottle will fit snugly and not have the potential for damage
  • Made from closed cell foam which means even if you leave a small amount in your glass or have a minor spillage, the foam will not deteriorate as typical foam would
  • Made for the perfect size to fit with you on your next adventure to the course, the pool, the beach, camping or anywhere you want to bring your favorite whiskey

Height: 6.5in

Length: 11in

Width: 16in

Stand out with a custom logo on your case