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Houston Bourbon Society 6 Bottle Padded Tote Bag

The best bag for the next store pick barrel release.

Picture this:
You are standing in line at the next Spec's drop, Ryan's Liquor store pick release, or talking about tater culture with Longhorn Liquor, and you quickly glance to your left. A double-take glance and you notice that everyone is carrying an epic, padded, HBS logo'd, bottle tote bag. They have all their camping supplies, like portable speakers, playing cards, potatoes, and toilet paper.  You see them snatch their bottles in line ahead of you and tuck safely into the padded pockets. What's this? Room for 6+ bottles? No way, you think. Your vision is even becoming cloudy, almost in a dream like state, seeing everyone else carrying their bottles out in this perfectly tatered bag. You begin to wonder where did they get these bags?  How can I get one? Can I get two and flip one on the ebayz? Don't be the tater left out at the next bottle share! And don't trust just any old seat belt to secure your, crotch shot worthy, bottle.  Have piece of mind while you get it back home and start to pack it up for the insta-flip.

These custom printed Houston Bourbon Society branded 6 bottle padded tote bags are only available for a limited time and in limited quantities so stand in line and get your order in quickly because when these are gone, we can only guess what the secondary value will be. 

And the best part is that $10 from every bag goes directly to Camp Hope

Tech Specs:

  • Exterior made from water resistant high strength 600 Denier coated nylon fabric so the bag can handle even your most challenging adventures.
  • Bag fully wrapped in 5mm impact padding foam so contents stay safe.
  • Internally divided 6 bottle compartments separated by 5mm of impact padding so bottles stay safe and separated.
  • Inside made from water resistant polyester fabric to prevent any damage if a little liquid spills inside.
  • Extra strong carry handle with loop attachment point for adding any accessories you want bring along your journey.



Height: 15in

Width: 6in

Length: 20in


Exterior: Water Resistant 600D Coated Nylon
Interior: Water Resistant Polyester
Padding: 5mm padding all around