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Bundle - 6 Bottle Bag and Jar

The perfect bundle for traveling with whiskey and glencairn glassware. Carry up to six bottle in the padded tote bag and bring along your favorite glencairn in the bombproof glencairn travel jar.   Save over 10% when purchased together.

6 Bottle Padded Tote Bag Features:

  • Exterior made from water resistant high strength 600 Denier coated nylon fabric so the bag can handle even your most challenging adventures.
  • Bag fully wrapped in 5mm impact padding foam so contents stay safe.
  • Internally divided 6 bottle compartments separated by 5mm of impact padding so bottles stay safe and separated.
  • Inside made from water resistant polyester fabric to prevent any damage if a little liquid spills inside.
  • Extra strong carry handle with loop attachment point for adding any accessories you want bring along your journey.

Glencairn Travel Jar Features:

  • Made from PET plastic housing that is BPA free and safe to transport your glass.
  • Custom cut closed cell foam internals so if some residue is left after the party, the foam won't deteriorate.
  • A screw-on lid avoids any accidental openings.
  • Throw it in your suitcase, your car, your truck, your golf bag, or wherever else you can think of.