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July 16, 2022 3 min read

Know the Rules First

Before we talk about how to travel with an open bottle we first need to say that you should make sure that you’re following the laws and rules wherever you are and how you can legally travel with an open bottle.  We are not lawyers you can get in serious trouble if you do this wrong. So make sure you know the laws and rules first and only travel with open balls where and how it’s allowed.

Don't Wreck Your Vacation

Now that you are going to legally travel with an open bottle here is how do it.  There are a lot of considerations when traveling with an open bottle because many things can happen. Obviously the bottles can leak everywhere and it can spill.  A loose or poor fitting cap is typically to blame. And if you have leaking or spilling wine or spirits you could waste a lot of good whiskey or wine and not get to celebrate and enjoy it and you can also do a lot of damage to the to the contents of the bag or suitcase or luggage or boxes you’re using to travel.  Imagine having half a bottle of open red wine spill in your weekend bag and you’re going to the cabin or lake and your entire wardrobe is now ruined and covered in red wine. Not a good situation.  So how do you do it?  How can you travel with an open bottle and not have wine leak all over you your clothes and wreck your good vacation?

Single Bottle Travel Bag

Shown Here: Single Bottle Bag & Glencairn Jar

What to Use

We have heard of many ways to safely seal an open bottle that have a variety of successful cases. Some people have used tape like ducked tape. Some people have used bags. Some people have used normal stoppers. We don't recommend any of these. We have found the most successful method of securing a bottle is using a bandage tape film that sticks to itself known as Parafilm. Parafilm is available all over and is sold in roles that can be cut to length.  The best thing about Parafilm is that it is easy to use, it will not damage the bottles or the labels, and it is not very expensive. 

How to Wrap a Bottle

Sealing a bottle with Parafilm is super easy. You just cut 6 to 8 inch single row or about 4 to 5 squares. You pinch it to the neck of the bottle below the cap. Fold the Parafilm over the cap tightly and pinch again.  The you tightly wrap the film around the bottle cap stretching the film as tight as you can without tearing the film.  Wrap as many times as you can with the film crossing the film back over the cap every other loop to create more pressure on the cap.  Once that is done, give the bottle a quick test and put it safely in your padded bottle bag or hard bottle case to safely travel. 

Bottle Wrap Process

Let us know if you have any other suggested methods of sealing a bottle. 



Disclaimer: We recommend that you try this a few times to make sure that you learn how to seal the bottle well before traveling and make sure to have extra padding with your bottles like our bags and cases because it doesn't matter if the bottle cap is sealed if the bottle is shattered.